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Hungarian Puli

El Perro De Agua en Espaņol



History The origins of this ancient breed have been, to an extent, clouded by the mists of time. However it is recorded that The Magyars, one of the many tribes of nomadic Huns that migrated to Eastern Europe, brought Pulis to their native land in the 9th century. These dogs were used to herd and protect their flocks. Over the years they were bred for their ability to work and soon became established in other countries. Today they have adapted to town living as well as working and living in the countryside.
Intelligence Pulis are very intelligent and fairly easy to train if you are consistent and kind in your methods. Training should begin right away, traits that may be endearing in a puppy may not be so acceptable in an adult. Well-trained Pulis excel in agility and obedience.
Show Characteristics

Disregarding hair, the head is small and fine with a slightly domed skull. The eyes should be medium sized and dark brown with a lively expression. The ears are set on below the level of the skull, medium sized, pendant and covered with long hair. The tongue should be bright red and the jaws and teeth strong with a complete scissor bite. The neck should be tight-skinned and muscular and when fully coated appears to merge with the body. The forelegs are straight and muscular and the hindlegs strong and well muscled. The back should be medium length and the withers slightly higher than the level of the back. The feet are short, round and tight, with the hind being slightly longer than the front. The tail is medium length and curled tightly over the rump-loin area. The correct proportion of top and undercoat will naturally create the desired cords. Matting and felting should be avoided and a combed coat is as undesirable as a neglected one. Some dogs will grow a floor-length coat, which is acceptable. They can be black, grey, white or apricot/fako in colour.

Grey and Apricot are not permitted in the FCI standard.


Country Of Origin Hungary


General Character And Temperament Pulis are lively, animated dogs who make untiring playmates for children. Their natural dispositions are friendly although they will announce visitors at the door and be somewhat wary of strangers but never aggressive, with them. They are busy dogs that like to make sure that everything they are involved in is being run properly and that all is well with their people and property. They will get on well with other dogs and household pets.


Jesselliot are proud to announce the arrival of our first Pulis from the UK.
 For more information about our breeding programme, expected litters or where we will be exhibiting our Pulis please send an e-mail