Jesselliot Perro de Agua Espaņol

Trek Machu Picchu 2012

El Perro De Agua en Espaņol

If you already have or want to have a Spanish Water Dog please take the time to donate to my cause............
Five pounds or five euros from everyone that reads this WILL make a difference to sick children and their families....

Modelling the AMR t-shirt in our garden!

Date: May 2012

In May 2012 I will be joining a flight in Madrid to Lima, Peru. Overcoming a lifelong fear of flying will be one of the many challenges I will be facing on my trek. The next biggest one will be the cold......anyone that knows me well will know I HATE being camping on a mountain side in temperatures near freezing will not be my idea of fun!. Small problems like outside loos, no water for washing, no clean clothes don't really bother me. I WILL SURVIVE  as the song goes!!!!!!!!!!

Why choose AMR?

There are many charities out there that do sponsored events to raise money.  Whe I decided five years that I wanted to do something like this, I chose a charity that had some meaning to me.  Many years ago our great-nephew was diagnosed with Pelizaeus - Merzbacher disease. He fought it bravely from very early childhood until the age of six. Without Great Ormond Street and charities like AMR progress cannot be made into looking for cures and treatments for diseases like this. It is great to be able to do something to help the children of our future.......please make a us to help the children. 

Thank you very much........



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