Jesselliot Perro de Agua Espaņol


El Perro De Agua en Espaņol

January 2012

A tale of how to go out with one dog and come home with two!

July 2011 - First day with us.

Location: A river near Alora.

Facts: Spanish Mastin male, about 3 months old.

Date: 31st July 2011 

A sunny Sunday afternoon and we are exploring on one of many house-hunting trips. After a nice lunch and a couple of beers we decided to stop by the river on the way home so Dino could have a swim........
Something caught our attention moving on the riverbank in amongst the rock and bamboo.............As we watched this huge dog got up and staggered over to the other side of the river and disappeared into the undergrowth.  He could barely stand as he was just a bag of bones. There was no way then we were going to leave without trying to save him. 
How many rivers in Spain in July have water in them? Well, this one did, after  wading through the thigh deep water to get to the other bank there was no sign of the dog. After much exploring in very thick bamboo and tree roots I found him hiding in a small cave. My biggest fear was of course if he was vicious or not. After sitting there for a while talking to him he gradually started to sniff my hand and then gently licked my fingers. Eventually he let me stroke him and finally pull him out. I carried him out to the car and we brought him home. 
We put him in kennel with some water and a small bowl of biscuits. Needless to say the food didn't last long. He was fed several small meals a day to start with to get his stomach used to food again and is now down to two meals a day.
He has progressed really well and is the happiest, friendly dog you can imagine. He gets on with all our other dogs, from the tiny puppies to the mastiffs. We have been getting him used to a lead and he is doing really well. 
It is wonderful to see him running about the fields playing and enjoying life. 
Riverdog is looking for a permanent home. We feel he is ready now to integrate with a new family, where his training can be carried on. 
He is a big dog, already 66cm at the shoulder, and will continue to grow in height and weight. Ideally a family without small children as his sheer size and exuberance maybe too much with little ones. He will need plenty of space to run and play and lots of love and attention. 
Hopefully he will be adopted by a local family as we would love to be able to see him grow up and see his progress. 

A HAPPY ENDING FOR RIVERDOG..........................

Now called Rio, he is happily settled in his new home in Pizarra. Thanks to the powers of Facebook he has found the most wonderful home with Karen and her dogs Fat Benny and Tara.