Jesselliot Perro de Agua Espaņol

El Perro De Agua en Espaņol



It is with great sadness that after 16 years of breeding and showing this amazing breed we have to say goodbye. Circumstances dictate that it is no longer possible for us to carry on our passion for the beautiful SWD.

Over the years we have bought, rescued, bred and acquired many, many dogs. A fair number of the rescued ones always ended up staying, as did many of the puppies!!

We have made lots of good friends, not just English and Spanish but many other nationalities as well. This is a huge thank you to everyone that we have met and have supported us through the years in our quest to do anything to help and look after not just our SWD's but any other one in need that crossed our path.

Many of our dogs now have passed over Rainbow Bridge but will live on forever in our hearts and memories. From our first dog Dino, (Berru de JMacelia), to our last puppy born in 2014 you will always all be part of us.

Just a few names that our close friends will know:
Dino, Pebbles, CousCous, Dina, Gnasher, Scrap, Diņo, Teagan, Ritz, Loca, Jess, Gemma, OddBodd, Aztec, Sparkle, Aslan, PalomaPepita.

Some of these are still with us and living out their days in the warm Spanish sunshine.

This is in memory of our darling dogs, past and present. None of you will ever be forgotten for the part you all played in our time in Spain.

Love you all lots

Debbie and David

RIP Dino - 10/09/2001 - 24/04/2012

Our first dog Berru de Jmacelia (Dino).

As a breed they are intelligent and faithful with the added bonus of not moulting. They love swimming, (they have webbed feet to help them), and agility work. Some dogs
work with the Fire Brigade and Police. They are also used for herding sheep and goats.

Our Affix, approved by the Kennel Club of Spain is Jesselliot (012746).